+ CONOCELA 100% soft leather is our backpack with Indian embroidered ribbon on its long handle. Each combination is unique. We close it with our opening metal clasps. In addition, our hardware is therefore durable metal, however, we recommend not to exceed (sometimes we do!) Weight in the interior because it can unstitch, and if this happens, we can easily reinforce the seams because that is one of the advantages of the leather We do not use liners because we want to see the manufacturing. And to take care of it a lot, we included a cotton dust bag as a gift to protect it, how are you?

Material: 100% nubuck leather

Color: flaked stamped camel
Long handle: leather and embroidered ribbon in India
Hardware: heavy duty circular metal carabiners
Interior: pocket and key holder
Closes with: removable clasp
Use: casual
High 40 cm
Width 40 cm
Depth 0 cm
Size: medium.
+ CARE Our portfolios are created with leathers as little processed as possible so they can present veins and own marks of the animal. This guarantees us the leather is real !!

Clean with special leather products for sale in supermarkets and shoe stores. Do not leave it in direct contact with sun, heat and humidity. It is recommended not to use loose ink pencils inside the portfolio, it produces stains impossible to eliminate. Avoid contact with surfaces with dust, grease, moisture, etc. The leathers with metallic finishes deserve additional care. They are sensitive to friction. With the touch you can wear its original color and brightness.
Enjoy our XO!