Our leathers

22 | 12 | 2017
Our leathers

We use the best semi-gloss leathers and nubucks. The leather is the outer part of the skin of the animal and nubuck is the second layer after sanding the outer part of the skin. The easiest way to distinguish leather is by looking for small scars and imperfections. Our noble leathers reveal, even after treating them, small scars and irregularities which make them naturally authentic.

Care: Clean with special leather products for sale in supermarkets and shoe stores. Protect the wallet in your cotton bag. Do not leave it in direct contact with sun, heat and humidity. It is recommended not to use loose ink pencils inside your wallet, it produces stains impossible to erase.

Special materials in nubucks,  leathers with sueded finishes deserve a special treatment
We recommend a specific protector for suede (although they can alter the color).
Avoid rubbing with garments that tend to lose color (eg Jean)
Avoid contact with surfaces with dust, grease, humidity, etc.
Contemplate that they can transfer color to other garments such as eg. Light fabrics
Metallized: The leathers with metallic finishes deserve additional care. They are sensitive to friction. With the rubbing it can wear its original color and shine.
Hair: hair is a luxury material so it requires special care

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